Jarige Job Foundation

What is the work of the Jarige Job Foundation?
Presents, having friends over for a party, birthday treats at school: these are things that are self-evident for many children in The Netherlands when it comes to celebrating their birthday. But did you know that more than 61.000 children are not able to celebrate their birthday because there is no or little money to do so? No presents, no balloons, no treats to bring their friends in class. Some kids even call in sick on their birthday because they feel ashamed of themselves and don’t want to come to school.

The Jarige Job Foundation supports these kids and their families by bringing them birthday boxes of a value of €35,- each. In these anonymous boxes parents find everything they need to provide their child with a memorable birthday: balloons, streamers, cake mix, treats, sweets and gifts. The parents make sure they decorate the house, bake the cake, wrap the presents and organize the treats at school. The birthday boxes are spread via foodbanks through the country. The kids themselves don’t know about the Jarige Job Foundation. Therefore, celebrating their birthday becomes a matter of family again.

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